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2 Bedroom, 1 Bath Private Cabin

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Your Hosts: Brian and Laura Rice

Washer/Dryer. 2 Full Beds. 2 bunk beds. Flushing Toilet. Satellite TV with surround sound.

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Welcome to our log cabin!

My wife Laura and I would like to welcome you and your family to Spread Eagle, WI.

Northern Wisconsin ElkSpread Eagle, WI is located on the Wisconsin-Michigan border, 5 miles between Iron Mountain, MI and Florence, WI. If you're not familiar with the area, Florence County Wisconsin is known as Wild River Country and we're also known as the gateway to the Upper Peninsula. 80% of Florence County is covered in forest. It is the only county in Wisconsin without an incorporated city. In Northern Wisconsin, the air is clean, the neighbors are few but friendly, and it's amazingly entertaining.

Time moves slowly up here in the Northwoods, the only place you'll find any hustle is at the local restaraunts. Or if you like bats, you may want to hustle on over to Mille's Bat Cave. In spring the bats will leave the cave and in August - September they'll come back. Fall is the best time to see the bats as they swarm around the cave from dusk to 1am. This local "Yooper" area attraction is #1 on my list!

Our Neighbor Ken NordineSome notable area residents are Ken Nordine, the famous movie and commercial voice-over artist. Little do most know, but he's a jazz singer too! Albert Einstein also frequented the Spread Eagle Lake Chain, although not as a resident, but rather as a guest of the cabins nearby. Speaking of nearby, Steve Mariucci grew up 6 miles away in Iron Mountain, MI before he became involved in the NFL.

Piers Gorge WhitewaterA nice area summer attraction that I have to point out is Piers Gorge. The gorge features a 10 foot waterfall, canyon walls and the roar of the Menomonee River. This definately is a recipe for fun whether you're hiking, rafting, or simply a camera bug. If you enjoy rafting or kayaking you'll want to contact Wildman Whitewater Ranch.

About our Northern Wisconsin Log Cabin

Spread Eagle WisconsinOur cabin is located exactly 200 yards from the only public landing for the Spread Eagle Chain of Lakes. Fish commonly caught in the chain are: Bluegill, Largemouth Bass, Muskie, Northern, Smallmouth Bass, Perch and Walleye. Bring a lot of night crawlers and leeches with you... the fish are always hungry. But if you're not interested in fishing you'll be happy to know that the bigger lakes in the Spread Eagle Chain allow boating and waterskiing. Avid fishermen sometimes don't like to compete with pleasure boaters, no worries... there's the secluded Montgomery Lake only ½ mile in the other direction. This lake is a special because this lake doesn't allow motors. You'll find the same type of fish as the Spread Eagle Chain and you'll have very little competition for catching your fish! Don't forget to pack a lunch for the family while out on the boat, Eagle Island is just a few mins away and located near the middle of the lake chain. You're more than welcome to dock up to and enjoy the peaceful picnic area if the fish aren't biting.

Norway Mountain in the Upper PeninsulaIn Winter, it can't get any better than the Upper Peninsula. If you're looking to Downhill Ski during your stay you could easily snowmobile on over to Pine Mountain or Norway Mountain, they're located 6 and 10 miles away from our cabin respectively. Ski Brule is also a short 30 mile trip from our cabin.

If you prefer to snowmobiling on the trails, you're exactly 1 mile from the main trail that links all of The UP . Once on the trail, head North for roughly 3/4 of a mile and you'll find a large "Snow Bowl" which is perfect for the kids that want to go sledding.

Fall is obviously a Hunter's Dream in Florence County , WI . 80% of Florence County is forested. If you're hunting with someone who's trying for their 1st bucks... you better bring your video camera. Chances are very good at the cabin, although our cabin sits on 2.91 acres of land, three deer trails come to an intersection at the edge of our property and they are a regular visitor at our cabin.

Another favorite Hunting spot of mine is at the Spread Eagle Barrens. There are five main entry points to this huge wildlife area, but my favorite spot is along the Menomonee River about 3 miles away from the cabin. You can see for quite a distance over the rolling hills and the calm quiet is very soothing.

Lastly, I'd like to point out some other area lodging. Although I'd love to accomodate everyone that is interested in renting our private cabin, unfortunately we only have one to rent out. However, if you visit the Area Attractions link, I have listed some alternatives should you find out our cabin has already been reserved. The entire area is beautiful and my repeat renters are the testiment. Once they rent, I tend to hear back from them again and again. The closest comparison that I can make is that they unknowingly signed onto a timeshare, however it's not a contract that forces them back, it's the awesome beauty, peace, and tranquility that compels them..

1740 NorthLake Road. Spread Eagle, WI. Tel. 920-783-0719 Email brian@spreadeaglecabin.com